5 Easy Ways To Drop 5 Pounds!

Everybody wants that quick fix.

I’m 27 years old right now and I am in the heart of wedding season. This summer my wife and I have 7 weddings! Fun stuff huh?

I’m actually writing this blog as I am on my way to Traverse City for one now.

Weddings are a time for people to show off how good they look. In between my wife and I breaking it down on the dance floor I always have people coming to me for tips on how to lose weight and look better:  “Ben how can I lose some weight fast?

What do I ask people first?

Tell me about your eating.

I get right to the source and find out what is really holding them back. Most of the time it is their daily intake and what they are eating.

So here you go, here are 5 tips for you to lose 5 lbs. quick!

1) Stop it with the diet sodas.

Yeah, studies are now showing that diet soda leads to unwanted weight gain in the stomach area.

Just stop it. Ok?

I’ll be blunt. No it is not healthy and I do not care that it says “zero sugar” or “zero calories”…..It’s not healthy homie!

Back when I first started personal training I had a client who had a pop fountain at his work. I found out he was having 6-7 diet cokes every day. Hell no

I told him straight up: “ I will not train you if you are drinking 6-7 cokes/day..”

He listened.

In just 1 month he dropped 15 lbs.

Bottom line: Artificial sweeteners are addictive, lead to waistline increases, and cause you to crave more sugary foods. By taking the diet soda out of your daily routine, and replacing it with water, you will lose inches and pounds—effortlessly.

A great way to combat this is by drinking Spark. You will get way better energy and healthy vitamins while you’re at it.

Click Here: Spark

2) Switch from sandwiches to salads for lunch.

It’s time to switch up your lunches. When in doubt always choose the salad over the sandwich.

Bottom line: I’m not saying bread is the worst but eating bread and other starchy foods always leads to extra pounds, so switch it up. Take out the deli meat sandwiches and start eating salads for lunch. Try it out for 30 days and watch your body change. You will lose weight effortlessly and be way more productive after lunch with your new energy.

3) Stop doing slow-paced cardio and do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

You simply cannot be comfortable during your workout. If it does not challenge you, it does not change you. Switch it up: instead of 15 minutes on the treadmill of a steady pace do 1 minute of sprints followed by 1 minute at a slow pace and repeat for your 15 minutes.

Get that heart rate to jump up and down. You will spark a response in your body that will torch fat and get you to that slim, ripped body you want.

Bottom line: Going with slow and easy cardio will not give you that beach body you want. Only intense intervals will get you there. Try out HIIT workouts and watch as the fat falls off your body. Just ask my clients at Xceleration.

Ben Boudro Beach Body Workout on Fox 2 News! 

4) Stay away from sugar 99% of the time.

Sugar will make you gain weight. Error time man! (that’s slang for every time)

If you are for real about losing weight and want to see a change then you need to cut the sugar.

That is easier said than done trust me I know. I used to live off sugar. How did I combat it? Fruit.

Yeah I know fruit has it’s own sugars, but that sugar is a lot different from that cane sugar and high fructose corn syrup that is making American’s fat.

Bottom line: If you can suck it up and swap sugar for fruit 99% of the time you will be closer to a lean and toned body. If you’re at a birthday or some event where there is cake go ahead and dabble (if you really have to) but just eat a small piece. The more you eat sugar the more you will crave it. Make the change.

5) Hire a trainer.

People who work with a trainer get way better results than those who do not. Straight up it’s true.

Don’t’ believe me? Well then just ask the clients at Xceleration who have transformed their bodies. My staff and I live and breathe fitness and we are here for you. It can be humbling for some people to say “I need a trainer” especially those who were athletes back in the day and know everything about everything.

Let a trainer write you a program, coach you both at and away from the gym. You will lose weight, have a better body, have better nutrition habits and have an overall healthier lifestyle.

Bottom line: All of my clients expect to get the best workout of their lives each and every time they train with me. I like to over-deliver.

I love sharing my knowledge with others. Here is my personal email:

ben. boudro@gmail.com

for the best nutritional products go here: benboudronutrition.com 

Email me any time for anything fitness. I’m here for ya.

Chase It!

Ben Boudro

Special gift for ya: 7 Free At Home Workouts 

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