Done For You Lower Body Lift for the Serious Athlete

Alright so my last blog was an intense upper body lift. If you missed it, here  it is: Upper Body Lift 

Now it’s time to blast the legs.

From my experience as a college athlete and as a strength coach I am certain that lower body lifts are the most important for any athlete.

Every sport requires lower body strength and power. Give this workout a shot and get your legs looking like tree trunks next season.

Here we go!

DB = Dumbbell

RDL= Romanian Dead Lift

RFE = Reaf Foot Elevated

KB = Kettle Bell

Lower Body Lift 

  • Barbell Back 1.5 Rep Squat                 4X 12,10,8,6
  • 2 DB RDL                                             4X8
  • Windshield Wipers                               4X8ea
  • Front Loaded RFE Squat                     3X6ea
  • Power Lunge                                        3X6ea
  • Vail slide Pikes                                     3X10


  • Prowler Push
  • Prowler Drag
  • Band Power Steps
  • Partner Push Front Lunge               X1:00, X:30 sec
  • Partner Push Lateral Lunge
  • KB Swings

If you have any questions just check out the video!

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Chase It!

Ben Boudro

2 thoughts on “Done For You Lower Body Lift for the Serious Athlete

  1. Thank you very much for posting amazing workouts!
    l wanted to ask you if first 3 and next 3 exercises are circuit or straight sets ?
    Also next circuit means go through each exercise for 1 minute work and 30 seconds rest one time?
    Thank you.


    1. No Problem!

      Make sure you go to for the latest updates. I no longer post on this website.

      And Yes, they are done in circuit fashion.

      Finally, yes, that is the time for the ending circuit. Enjoy!!


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