Get Bigger Arms With This Intense Upper Body Circuit

Ready for a high-intensity upper-body workout? Just this morning, my trainer John Papp and I were thrown a curve ball. We wanted to join our adult boot camp class, but the class was at capacity! We had a big meeting scheduled for an hour later, so we knew that the max time we could work out was 30 minutes.

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What did we do? One sick upper-body arm workout.

We teamed up and created an intense workout that left us both lying on the floor when it was done. I can barely type this article because my arms are still in shock. Done correctly, this quick and efficient upper-body circuit will crush you. From start to finish, it should take you no longer than 30 minutes to complete.

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Set up your circuit beforehand and knock this out!

The Circuit

  • Landmine 3D Shoulder Raise
  • Renegade Curls
  • Hip Lift Skull Crushers
  • Undulating Shoulder Press
  • Farmer Curls
  • Landmine Triceps Punches

How to Do It

  • Perform 10 reps of each exercise.
  • No rest between exercises
  • 1 minute of rest between rounds
  • Complete 4 rounds

That’s it! It’s simple and super effective.

Plug this upper-body workout into your routine, and you will see huge gains in your biceps, triceps and shoulders in no time.

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