How Mike Wise Dropped Over 46 Pounds! (Success Story!)

Ladies and Gentleman meet my good friend Mike AKA “Mikey Wise”

Who is this guy?

Well he is without a doubt one of the most tenacious, joyful and strong minded clients I have ever trained.

In less than 8 weeks Mike dropped 26 pounds and stripped off 15% of his body fat with our last Body Transformation Challenge.

He has been training with Xceleration for 1 year and has completely changed his life both physically and mentally. His story is amazing!

Mike and I sat down with me a few days ago and we really dug deep into exactly why he is having the success he is having right now.

We cover a TON of eye openers for people who are either thinking of starting a workout program or even if you are knee deep in the middle of a workout program. This interview is a must see for everybody who cares about their fitness.

Here we go!

Where were you at when you started ?

Mike’s Response 

A fat tub of lard haha.

I always thought I was somewhat skinny but I never saw myself for what I was then compared to now.

I would look in the mirror and think “well I’m not in that bad of shape for my age.” Basically I had  a state of denial on the fact that I was obese.

In January of 2015 I weighed 224 lbs coming out of the holidays. That’s the biggest I had ever been.

What was the hardest part when you first got going?

It wasn’t getting to the gym that was the problem.  It was getting through the workouts and accepting the fact that I needed breaks and couldn’t go hard like everybody around me. (Mike used to be a high caliber athlete)

You can’t compare yourselves to people who have been going to the gym religiously. I would look around and be like “woah I have to take a step back.”

From January-June I was working out 2x/week with no nutrition I lost weight down to 202.

In June I took 2 months off and got out my rhythm and went back to 211 over the summer.

Another thing that was tough was the fact that I would always see the before and after photos of people having success at Xceleration. I wasn’t seeing what happens between the before and after so I had to realize it’s not a 6 week or even 6 month process…It’s a lifestyle.


What kind of things would you tell yourself both during and after workouts to stay on track 

I would also tell myself constantly “DON’T QUIT AND DON’T STOP.”

To keep me coming it was the motivational videos. I love the one’s you would send us at the beginning of each week.  “Never give up and never give in.”

I also did not want to let you down without losing weight.


How hard was it to change nutrition?

I always eat a lot because I’m bored so one of my big problems was that I would always have junk in the house and that would end up being my snacks.  You told me to clear out the junk in my house so I did and now I grab almonds, fruit and healthy snacks. That makes a huuuuge difference.

Getting the right foods into the house and having it ready to go is a huge step for my success.

We are the busiest family with soccer and kids but having the right meals around like chicken and turkey are possible.

Where are you now?

I have now dropped 46 pounds of fat off of my body and I’m down to a 22.8% body fat.

Weight = 177.2 Down 46 pounds 

Body fat = 22.8%


How Do You Feel Mentally?

I have a lot more energy and my thoughts are more clear. Seriously everything is easier now I mean EVERYTHING! Nutrition is responsible for that

Understanding how spark helps me helped out a lot. Also having just one Coffee in morning to get me going and then drinking a Spark right at lunch time makes a huge difference.

How Do You Physically?

Stronger..much stronger

My joints have less pain, I feel like I’m treating my body way better by not forcing it to carry all of that extra 46 pounds I used to have.

I also move a lot better. I can jump the highest box (purple) at Xceleration and I feel soo much faster.

Also I used to never take my knee brace off when working out. Last week I played 2 full soccer games WITHOUT my brace. I maybe came off the field for 5 minutes max!

The knee brace is more like a crutch now. I don’t necessarily need it.


I love seeing people follow me too


How this affected you at work and at home?

Everything I do is easier.

I feel better about myself, I’m more confident and feel a better self image

Xceleration has helped me in all aspects.

Put it this way I never used to tuck in my shirt or care about it when we would go out to eat. Now it’s a must!  Haha I feel like “hey I’m skinny now so I’m going to show it off haha. When you feel good about yourself you do that.”

At home I know that I’m influencing my kids in a big way: My favorite quote from my kid the other day is : “all that’s in the house is broccoli and chicken!”

Haha I must be doing something right.



What are your tricks for Perseverance

Look there will always be doubt in your head when doing a workout program.

By surrounding myself with people like Darren, Rob and Brian I am keeping them in check and they are doing the same for me. It cancels out the doubt.

The community of Xceleration is responsible for my success.

Also I perservere by tracking results. The positive results are powerful and addictive.


What would you say to somebody looking to get started ?

It’s not easy but be prepared for a life changing event and just a very rewarding experience. The community aspect of being here will be a driving force for how you look at yourself and fitness.

Everybody is so accepting of you here (Xceleration). With the new challenge starting people will be accepted immediately.


Why Xceleration ?

Why not?

It’s a great supportive community with great trainers and great facility.

It changed my life and it will change your’s.




To simplify his approach I have a few bullets for you to remember:

  • Open up your fricken eyes and admit that you are not in shape
  • Humble yourself because you’re not going to dominate the workout world if your not in shape
  • Use your resources and learn how to make working out easier
  • Supplements can be your best friend during workout programs
  • A good workout program will lead to less aches and pains and less injury’s.
  • You will gain confidence that you didn’t even know you had once you get back in shape.
  • Don’t just look at the type of gym like the type of equipment or space to workout in, look at the community!
  • Tracking your results will lead to longevity and confidence!

You see what I mean? I tell people every single day that Xceleration can change your life. Most of the time people roll their eyes and give me the “yeah I’ve heard that one before” but after a few weeks it’s a totally different look.

It’s a look in their eyes that tells me : “wow, I am in. Let’ keep going.”

It’s so amazing how this one program can be so life altering.

You can join this amazing experience right now by joining us for the next Body Transformation Challenge.

Sign up here: Body Transformation Challenge Sign Up. 

You are either sitting still waiting for success to happen


You are chasing it.



Ben Boudro




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