20 Minute Full Body Thanksgiving Day Workout


Thanksgiving is here!

Time for some relaxation, gratitude and a chance to have some quality family time. The best part for an athlete is you finally get some time to chill.

The question for many athletes is: “How much should I chill?”

Well for average athletes Thanksgiving looks a little something like this:

  • Wake Up
  • Stuff face with Turkey
  • Watch Football
  • Pass out

That is for average athletes.

For elite athletes the process is a little bit different.

More like this:

  • Wake Up
  • Eat a Healthy Breakfast
  • Get a Full Body Workout In
  • Stuff face with Turkey
  • Watch Football
  • Pass out

You don’t just want to be an average athlete do you? Thought so.

So I know what you are thinking: “I’m not going to have any time to work out.”

Well I am about to take that excuse away from you.

This workout from start to finish will only take you 20 minutes to complete and will leave your entire body on fire allowing you to keep your strength gains going and keep you on the path for success.

Wake up, eat a solid breakfast, complete this workout and stay on your path to becoming an elite athlete.

Here we go:

Warm Up: (2-3 minutes) 

  • 1 Minute Jumps in place
  • World’s Best Stretch  X5 Reps @ each
  • Dowel OH Squats X10 Reps

Circuit # 1 (6 minutes)

  • Deadlift                                      X6 Reps
  • Alpha Press                               X6 Reps       AMRAP For 6 Minutes
  • Burpee to Med Ball Slam      X6 Reps

Rest (2 minutes) 

Circuit # 2 (5 minutes) 

  • Strict Pull Ups                       X6 Reps
  • RDL w/ Bicep Curl                X6 Reps          AMRAP FOR 5 Minutes
  • Side Knee Tuck                     X6 Reps ea. side

Rest (1 minute) 

Circuit # 3 (2 Minutes) 

:30, :20, :10

  • Kneeling Tricep Kick Backs
  • Tall Kneeling Clutch Curls

Go :30 seconds of the kick backs followed immediately by :30 seconds of the Clutch Curls.

Then :20 seconds @ each

Then: :10 seconds @ each

Boom! 20 Minutes and your heart should be thumping in your mouth!

Body is on fire!

Happy Thanksgiving Guys.

Chase It!

Ben Boudro

For more free workouts and tips on how to get and stay ripped check out my youtube channel here: Xceleration YouTube

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