30 Minute HIIT Fat Burning Cardio Workout

You don’t need always need a treadmill, elliptical or rowing machine to burn tons of fat on your body.

Take your metabolism into high gear with this 30 Minute HIIT Fat Burning Workout. You need 2 things for this: 1 weighted plate and 1 set of suspension straps. Boom that’s it.

You are going to feel this from every cell in your body and the fat is going to be screaming!


Circuit # 1 : Plate Party

Get a weighted plate, dumbbell or whatever ya got handy. Complete each exercise for :30 seconds at an ALL OUT pace. Then rest for :20 seconds and get ready for the next exercise.

Go right down the list and do all 5 exercises.

Rest 1 minute then Repeat for 3 full rounds.

  1. Runner’s Lunge w/twist
  2. Squat to Punch
  3. Around The World’s
  4. Plate Burpees
  5. Deadlift to Turn & Punch


Circuit # 2: Suspension Hell 

Same exact protocol as the plate circuit.

30 seconds on, :20 seconds off.

Go through all 5, then rest 1 minute then repeat for 2 full circuits:

  1. Punch the sky
  2. Suspended Butterfly’s
  3. Jumping Y’s
  4. Side Knee Tucks
  5. Rows

Boom! That’s it.

This workout should take you no more than 30 minutes to do and will have you looking in the mirror like Damn!

As always, feel free to email me for anything fitness: ben.boudro@gmail.com

Chase It!

Ben Boudro



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