How Chad Lost 38 Pounds and Changed his/my Life.

It’s crazy how people come in and out of your life.

Have you ever sat back and just looked at your situation? Like why you are where you are right now?

I’ve come to realize that people always come in and out of your life at certain times and it’s just weird how it all happens. I seriously believe that God puts certain people in your life to teach you lessons and show you how good you have it.

Just over 2 months ago I had Chad enter in my life and I learned a whole new lesson on what being tough is all about.

Want to know something crazy? 5 Years ago when I first got into personal training my very first ever training session that I got paid for was with this guys son Chad Jr. I trained him for 2 years and he is basically now a professional bodybuilder.

IMG_1121That is a real picture….ridiculous.

Anyways fast forward 5 years and I’m now training Chad Sr who won my very first ever body transformation challenge.

Crazy to me……..

I want to share with you the story of Chad and how he battled through hell to lose 38 pounds and completely inspired the entire community of Xceleration as the first ever Body Transformation Challenge Winner.

Week 1: 

Chad did his weigh in with us and looked me right in the eye and said: “I don’t lose dude.” My honest reaction…..Ok man.

At the time Chad was in pretty bad shape. Here is his before photo:

Chad Czerneski

Not only was he overweight but he also was battling a pretty serious injury he suffered from the Military.

Back when he was in the military Chad had his hand slammed into a car door was drug a 1/4 mile down the road by a speeding car.  This messed up his spine and hips pretty bad. To make things even worse that incident led him to being diagnosed with cancer. At 27 years old Chad was told he had 6 months to live. His response? “Nope!” “He battled and battled and is now cancer free.

He made it through that but now he was having trouble to even do a sit-up. We had to regress a lot of the exercises. I knew this would be an uphill battle if he would make it through all 8 weeks.

Week # 2: 

Chad is showing up consistently. He was asking me questions about nutrition and he started to tell me more and more about his military background. This guy was boxer for the Air Force and fought all over the world. He was still struggling in classes but his attitude was awesome. Chad was getting along with all of the new clients and just kept pushing through. Things were looking pretty good for him..

Week # 3: 

I remember showing up at 6:30 AM right in the middle of the 6:00 AM workout. My head trainer Matt was taking the class through a metabolic conditioning day and Matt came over to me to tell me something pretty damn shitty that happened to Chad over the weekend.  Chad came home and found out that his wife was having an affair.

Most men would have crumbled in this situation. Chad didn’t dwell for second! He had the same “What’s up Ben!” attitude and it was like nothing had even happened. I knew that he was in a tough situation so I talked with him and he told me everything that went down.

What Chad did next was nothing short of remarkable. Chad stayed for the 7 AM, 8 AM and the 9 AM boot camp classes. Now if you have never been to Xceleration then you should know that our classes are no joke. To complete one class is an achievement but to do 4 classes in a row is just insane for a normal person. Not for Chad though….

Week # 4:

Chad continued on his path showing up 3-4 days/week and completing 2-3 workouts every day he came in. The guys attitude was awesome. He was a fricken spark plug during our workouts. He cheered others on, made jokes about my music, laughed and worked his butt off at the same time. I could start to see some results….

Week # 5:

Chad shows up in my office wearing a shirt that he bought when he started the challenge: The shirt was HUGE on him! He was changing his diet and making all of the right moves. Check it out:


Just after that Chad tells me some unfortunate news. His son who is just about to start his high school wrestling career was told that he might not be able to compete for the rest of the season. They found a tumor in his arm and they are not sure what it is. Chad has been around the block with this thing and took his son to every doctor possible. Remember that incident that happened with his wife? Well when he got to the doctors he found out that his wife took the kids off of the insurance plan. That meant his son was not able to be seen by a doctor for a few weeks………. I nearly threw up when Chad told me that. WTF man….

Week #6

Chad is still showing up consistently and working out like a maniac! I was just befuddled at this point. After all this guy has been through in the past 6 weeks I don’t know where he has the energy. It was inspiring and wow! He was getting some results. He had already lost more than 20 pounds! The guy just controlled what he could and made his situation better….. I was a believer in this guy at this point.

Week # 7

Getting down to the wire. Chad called me and texted me: “Hey who has lost the most pounds?” Haha i told him I didn’t know and to just keep on doing what he was doing. Still showing up and kicking butt during his workouts. I had pretty much forgotten all that happened to him in the past. It was hard to believe a guy with that great of an attitude and a guy who was that happy had anything bad happen to him. I just loved being around him.

Week # 8

The weekend before the final weigh in for the Body Transformation Challenge chad calls me and tells me even more bad news….. He was painting the inside of his house and he was at the top of the staircase. The very top step had a loose board that he thought nothing of because it had been loose for some time now. Well as he stepped down from the ladder the board broke and sent Chad tumbling down 2 flights of stairs…..


I’m like “Chad do you need me to help you with anything? Are you alright?”

His response:

“Nah man I’m fine. I can still ride the bike or elliptical so I’ll make it happen.” He also said to me: “I told you I’m going to win this thing and that is exactly what I plan to do….

He showed up on weight in day and wow… I was astonished.

Here is Chad on weigh in day:


He lost 37.6 pounds and dropped his body fat by 25%!

Chad taught me way more than I could ever teach him. Sure I designed the classes and the nutrition program but he is the one who willed himself to push through tough times. He kept his sights on the goal and nothing got in his way. That laser focus he had is something we should all look up to.

Look, we all have problems and nobody is perfect and never will be. But Chad’s story proves that we all have the same choice: We can either sit back and take it or stand up and chase our dreams.

I’m thankful that God put Chad in my life. With me being a new father he really taught me a lesson that I will teach Hudson when he is old enough to understand. Tough times don’t last…..Tough people do.

You can be just like Chad and start a workout program that can change your life today.

Just take a look at the 2nd and 3rd place winners:

Darren Hegarty

Jimmy Goodwin

Brandy Fetty

Mike Wise

Email, call or check out our website today and you can get started:


Phone: (248)-459-4459


Chase It!

Ben Boudro

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