The Toughest Client I Have Ever Trained

Every day is different for me at Xceleration.

Actually every hour is different. One hour I am coaching a professional athlete with 6% body fat who can throw a 95 mph fastball on command. The next hour I am coaching a 42 year old mom who is on her way to losing 20 pounds and completely changing her life. It’s a lot of different personalities and a whole lot of passion in one space.

It seriously is the best job in the world. I get to hear stories about people’e lives. The trials and tribulations, the high school stories, how many kids they have, what they love to do with their families etc. The best part about it? I get to hear advice from very successful people on a daily basis.

When I think of tough clients and people who really influence my life there is one guy that pops up right away. This guy is 82 years old, funny as hell and seriously brightens up the room wherever he is. You can recognize his laugh from miles away….. Ladies and gentlemen meet my best friend and the toughest client I have ever trained: Tony Mitchell.


My story with Tony begins in October 2014. Tony had a navy seal shirt on and I asked him “where did you get that sweatshirt? That thing is sick!”That was all I needed to say.

That question led to a 4 hour conversation about his life and also led to him signing up to train with us 4 days/week for the entire year. He was pumped!


When he first started training with me he was not I repeat NOT able to go down to the ground and get back up.

Not only could he not do that but he also was not able to run due to wear and tear on his knees.

It wasn’t that he was in terrible shape. It was just that he was not engaging his muscles enough.

It has now been 1 year since he started and he has trained 4 days/week every week! He is a machine!

He easily gets up and down from the floor, he has way less aches and pains and he can run like the wind! The dude is 82 years old!

Let me repeat that; HE TRAINS 4 DAYS/WEEK AND HE IS 83 YEARS OLD!!

Before I go any further I want you guys to be able to get to know my best friend Tony on a more personal level:

Where is Tony From?

Tony was born and raised in South Detroit (Journey Voice)


Tony has a wife named JoAnn and has a daughter and son.

His daughter Jennifer is a professional photographer in New York. She lives in downtown Manhattan and photographs celebrities every day! She is a sweetheart!

Tony’s Athletic Background

He grew up playing running back in Detroit and was voted one of the city’s top running backs of the year even though he was injured and was only able to play in 2 games the entire season.

On top of that Tony grew up as a World Class Water Ski Jumper. He was the Michigan State Champion and he has jumped over 130 ft in the air!!!

Tony’s Career Background 

Way back in the day Tony and his 2 brothers opened up a small restaurant next to Cass Lake called Mitch’s Restaurant.

They had a very rough start sometimes only bringing in $12.00 an entire day!

That was until Tony came up with the invention of the “breadstick.” His trick? He would have the flour shipped from Canada and nobody else knew about it. After that and adding in some pizza ovens to the restaurant they soon took off!

And I mean took off!

Tony’s restaurant would be so packed that if you went there on a Saturday night you would wait 3 hours just to get a table!!

Unless you were one of the many celebrities who hung out at his restaurant. Here are a few that would be regulars at his place:

  • Gordie Howe (Detroit Red Wings)
  • Ted Lindsay (Detroit Red Wings)
  • Ben Hogan (Pro Golfer)
  • The Beach Boys
  • Joey Neelander
  • All of the Detroit Lions
  • The Detroit Tigers
  • The Detroit Red Wings

Tony sold the restaurant years ago and now lives on Lake Angelus which is just down the road from where he works out.

When did he start training with Xceleration?

October 2014

What was his biggest struggle?

He had a lot of trouble getting off the ground by himself. He lacked confidence and had very weak hamstrings which did not allow him to run or exercise the way he desired.

What success has he had?

After training 4 days/week with us he now can easily pick himself up off the ground, he can run as much as he wants and his confidence is sky high!

What Does Tony Enjoy about Xceleration?

His words: “It’s not one of those pre-madonna places ya know? I will get there at 6,7 or even 9 AM and it’s packed with all these wonderful people helping each-other out! I love this place”

What he would tell somebody thinking about joining Xceleration:

“Absolutely! Don’t even think about it!”

It’s people like Tony who make me feel that I have the best job in the world. I get to help a guy be able to get off the ground easier and at the same time I get to hear stories about success and life lessons that are priceless.

I love this guy through and through and without a doubt he is the toughest client I have ever trained.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Mitchell! (Tony’s Daughter)

Tony Mitchell

Tony is a prime example of perseverance both with his career and his level of fitness.

There are a million reasons why Tony Mitchell should not be working out right now but he trains because he knows how important it is for physical and mental health.

He is 83 years old and trains 4 days/week. Now what is your excuse for not working out?

Chase It!

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