ABS and ARMS in Less Than 20 Minutes!

HOOOOOOH Man this will leave your ABS AND ARMS screaming!

Try out this ARMS and ABS Zero to 100 Real Quick Workout.

You can do this after your workout as a finisher OR  if you are pressed for time you can use this as your entire workout.

Either way it’s going to be tough for you to lift your fork after this motha trucka.

Here we go.

Start a timer.

Start Rd # 1.

For each Round what you want to do is both the ARMS portion and then the ABS portion for 10 reps as fast as you can with good form.

Whatever time you have left in that minute is your time for rest.

When the clock says 1:00 it’s time to start round 2……. Got it?

Here it is:

10 Reps for everything

Rd # 1 

ARMS = DB Bicep Curl  X10

ABS = Stability Ball Pulses X 10

Rd # 2

ARMS = Diamond Push Ups X10

ABS =  Donkey Kicks X 10

Rd # 3

ARMS = Barbell Bicep Curls X10 

ABS = Diamond Crunches X10

Rd # 4

ARMS = Suspended Tricep Extensions X10

ABS = Hanging Mountain Climbers X10 EACH LEG

Rd # 5 

ARMS = DB Reverse Curls X10

ABS = Upright Scissor Kick X10 ea

Rd # 6

ARMS = Dips X10

ABS = Plank Butt Kicks X10 ea.

Rd # 7 

ARMS = Push Up Position Curls X10 Total

ABS = Side Plank Crunch (Right) X10

Rd # 8 

ARMS = Barbell Inverted Dips X10

ABS = Side Plank Crunch (Left) X10

Rd #9 

ARMS = Hammer Curls X10

ABS = Oblique Crunch Toe Touch  (Left) X10

Rd #10

ARMS = DB Triceps Extension X10

ABS = Oblique Crunch Toe Touch (Right) X10

If you can get to 10 minutes and finish ALL of the reps then I want to meet you!

In fact if you can prove that you did it WITH a video for proof I will personally send you an Xceleration Shirt of your choice!

You have to do this before October 1st though. Get to pumpin!

Chase It!

Ben Boudro

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