7 Ways to Burn 100 Calories Outside of the Gym!

Dude it’s already August!!

We all know that this weather does not last long here in Michigan.

Time to take advantage of it.

Here are 7 ways you can burn 100 calories OUTSIDE of the gym.

1.Get to work! 

I’m talking about yard work and I don’t mean sitting on your riding lawn mower for an hour then going back inside.

Go fix your landscaping, spread mulch, pick weeds, push mow your lawn, dig holes and plant some trees. Trust me just go outside and spend an hour constantly moving. You will sweat, your yard will look great and so will you.

Do you pay to have your lawn done? No biggie just call the company and tell them to hold off for this week. What’s more important your health or your yard? Enjoy it!

2. Pedal to the metal! 

Get your family together, air up those tires and hit the road for a family bike ride.

This is a great way for you to spend time with your family and burn calories at the same time. No need to go all Lance Armstrong on it but find some hills and break a sweat! My wife is in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy and she somehow finds the energy to go on bike rides with me.

So what’s your excuse???

3. Hit the trails

Michigan is the best place to be on earth during the summer. Even Kid Rock says so! I went to his concert last night and he made a pretty cool statement. He said he’s been to every country and state “been there done that man” and he said “without a doubt there ain’t nowhere better to be than the Midwest during this time of the year”.  Yeah he might have added a few choice words in there but you get the point. We are lucky!

Get on google and find a trail for you and the family to go hiking. Make a day out of it or just go for a few hours. Pack waters and some snacks for the kids. You will allow your brain to relax and get away from technology all while burning some big calories. Find some hills to climb and get after it!

Here are a few you could go to in Michigan

Paint Creek Trail-Lake Orion

Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes -Empire

Bald Mountain- Lake Orion

4. Take the dog for a walk. 

I seriously hope that you already do this at least once a day. My wife and I walk my dog in -20 degree weather. Our dog told us that It is non negotiable so we listen.


Your dogs have tons of energy and love being outside. Go take them for a walk. It might sound weird but I get energy when I go walk my dog. It’s just being outside and moving. After 15 minutes or so my mind is reset and I’m ready to conquer the day.

5. Dance, Jump on it! 

Have you ever played that dance dance revolution on Xbox or Wii? It’s awesome! I play this when I go visit my nieces and its’ crazy how much I sweat! Just 1 hour can burn up to 500 calories if you are doing it right. Weddings are a great time to break it down too. With me being so shy I tend to get scared on the dance floor……NOT! I let loose at weddings!


Bust a move and look like an idiot. It’s so much fun and so great for your health. Here is a video of me ………..haha No Way! You will not be seeing a video of me dancing. I have a reputation I’d like to keep haha.

6. Hit the lake 



It seems like every time I hit the water I always find myself exercising. Yeah it’s supposed to be relaxing but it can also be a great way for you to burn a ton of calories. Water skiing, wake boarding, tubing and swimming can make you burn some serious fat and being on the water is just good for the soul.

Call your friends and get on the lake. Don’t own a boat? Rent a kayak, go paddle boarding, or just find the nearest lake and make a  day at the beach.  This one might be my favorite.

7. Hit the courts

Tennis, basketball or volleyball. There are tons of courts around you. Go to the nearest school by you and I guarantee you will find a court. Just 2 hours of playing tennis, basketball or volleyball are a great way for you to stay fit outside of the gym.

All 3 of these sports are interval style meaning they are short bursts of energy while constantly moving. This is the best form of exercise when it comes to torching fat. Get outside now and get competitive.

Print this off and put it on your fridge. The next time you have a free day or hour just look at this list and pick an activity. You will be thanking me after. Trust me.

One quick thing before I go. All of these activities are habit that I started at a young age. The fact that I played every sport under the sun allowed me to partake in activities like this without hesitation. If you are a parent than you are responsible for how much your kid plays. Get off your ass and get the kids outside.

Chase It!

Ben Boudro




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