Done For You Upper Body Workout

We are smack dab in the middle of summer. What a great time for wrestlers. The long dark days of winter are gone and the best part of all? You don’t have to cut any weight!

Time to pack on some muscle.

Here is an upper body workout designed specifically for wrestlers. It involves presses, pulls, grip work, core and exercise that just aren’t for “normal” athletes. Wrestlers are not “normal” athletes. We just aren’t.

Before you start here is what you need to know:

  • You have to warm up.

Don’t be lazy and skip out on this. Don’t know what to do? Check out this video and your all set.

  • This should only take you 45-55 minutes to complete.

Yeah you heard me right 55 minutes max. Unless you are a body builder or an Olympic lifting competitor you do not need to spend more than 45-55 minutes per workout. Just because you spend 2 hours in the gym every day it doesn’t mean that you are tough. It probably means that you talk too much and are inefficient…..Bro.

  • “AMRAP” means as many rounds as possible.
  • “DB” means dumbbell.
  • “OH” means overhead.
  • If you have a questions just refer to the video.

Alright enough chit chat. You ready?

A1: Bench to Plyo Push Up                                        5X5     (Plyo Push Ups til Failure)

A2: DB Fly Squeeze Press Combo                            3X10

B1 :Rope Chins to Knee Tuck Combo                       3X8

B2: Turkish Get Up                                                     3X5 ea. Side

B3: Rope Climb Downs                                              3X: 30sec

C1: Mixed Grip Stability Ball Row                             X6

C2: Javelin Press                                                       X6 ea. Side

C3: Slosh Tube OH Carry                                          X20     Yards Down & Back

You will do C1-C3 for 6 minutes and AMRAP style. Compete!

If you are serious about packing on some muscle then the lift is only half of the battle. What’s the other half? Nutrition.

Here is a great nutrition regimen I use with my athletes and myself:

  • 60 Minutes Before Workout
    Pre Workout Meal (See them here)
  • 30 Minutes Before Workout

1 Scoop Spark

3 Catalyst

1 Scoop Rehydrate

1 Scoop Arginine Extreme

  • Within 30 Minutes Post Workout

Post Workout Recovery


  • Within 60 Minutes Post Workout

Post Workout Meal (See them here)


This is so simple and so effective for you to put on serious muscle.

You are either sitting still waiting for success to happen or you are chasing it.

Chase It!

Ben Boudro


2 thoughts on “Done For You Upper Body Workout

  1. How is this fat torching workout of 30 min done in regards of repetitions, sets, rest time, etc., I found the 4 min. video in youtube but only shows the moves. Interested in getting started, p90x3 is getting slow in results, thanks


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