How To Be The Fastest Kid on The Soccer Field

Soccer season is approaching fast.

Will you be ready this season?

Have you been working on your kicks, passes or dribbling skills? Sweet.

Those are all crucial aspects of the game but they are all tough to do without having some serious speed to get your butt to the ball.

Start implementing these movements into your training regimen right now and become that “super fast” kid everybody is talking about.

1) Med Ball Side Toss to Sprint 

How to: 

  • Get heavier medicine ball something like a 14-16 lb. ball.
  • Start with your feet in a square stance and be perpendicular to the direction you will be running.
  • Bend your inside knee and rotate back and forth as fast as you can WITHOUT throwing the ball for 5 reps
  • On the 5th rep let that ball loose by throwing it from your hip as far as you can.
  • As you throw the ball go right into an all out sprint.


  • This is a great exercise for learning how to use your upper body and hips when taking off.
  •  Rotational power development which you can use when you are kicking the ball.

Do 5 rounds of 5 rotations to sprint on both sides!

2) Band Resisted Knee Drive 

How to: 

  • Wrap a band around a pole or any stable anchor point.
  • Get in push-up position and wrap the band around your shoelaces. Put some tension on the band.
  • Drive your knee as fast as you can toward your chest, resisting the band.
  • Hold it there for 2 seconds.
  • Drive it back slowly.


  • Hip flexor, anterior core, and knee drive.
  • You will feel this work your whole body, especially your hips and abs.
  • Great weight room speed.
  • By training your muscles to drive your knee with your abs and hip flexor, you will train your body to add serious speed to your legs.

Do 3 sets of 10 Reps per leg with 1:30 rest in between sets (hold at top for 2 seconds)

3) 5-10-5 Pro Agility Drill 

How to: 

  • Get 3 cones and place them 5 yards apart in a straight line.
  • Start in the middle cones with one hand on the ground.
  • Sprint/Shuffle as fast as you can 5 yards in the direction of your choice.
  • Sprint/Shuffle ten yards in the opposite direction as fast as possible.
  • Finish by sprinting 5 yards the opposite direction again.
  • It sounds complicated but it’s really not. Check the video.


  • Lateral agility and stopping.
  • This drill forces you to change direction rapidly while accelerating and decelerating.
  • Time yourself with this drill.
  • You will find that the more often you stay in a good position, the more often you will have fast times.

Do 5 Full Reps with 1:30 Rest in between. Time yourself on the last 3 trials!

4) Straight Leg Run to Sprint 

How to: 

  • Start by performing high knee skips for 10 yards (keep your chest high!)
  • At 10 yards go right into a sprint.
  • Sprint 20 yards
  • Focus on kicking your legs forward and not backwards (wasted energy!)


  • Great teaching tool for keeping your knees high while running.
  • Forces you to run with you energy all going forward and not backwards.

Do 3 sets of this with at least 2 minutes in between sets. Film yourself and pay attention to how much you are kicking your knees backward or forwards.

5) Hurdle Transition Drill 

How to: 

  • Get 6 medium size hurdles (you can vary it up)
  • Place the hurdles perpendicular to each other at every 10 yards
  • Sprint 10 yards.
  • At each set of hurdles perform high knees lateral then clear the hurdle and continue to sprint.
  • Repeat for the next 20 yards.


  • Great tool for teaching yourself to run with your knees high.
  • Foot Speed
  • Conditioning

Do 3 sets of Down & Back as fast as possible. Rest 2 minutes in between sets.

So there you go!

Drill these until your weaknesses become your strengths. The more you practice these the less time you think about your running form and the more time you think about playing soccer.

Chase It!

Ben Boudro.

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