4th of July Bodyweight Family Workout Challenge


  • Do the workout with a friend or family member
  • Take a cool picture of you and your friend/family member after the workout (think Patriotic!)
  • Post your picture to our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #teamxcel
  • Post the time it took you to complete the workout
  • All entries must be posted by 12:00 AM July 4th!

Winners will recieve a free Xceleration T-Shirt and a FREE Box of Advocare Spark!

Here we go:

1 Half Mile Run

  • 100   Jump Squats
  • 90     Push Ups
  • 80     Window Washers ea. side!
  • 70     Lunge Jumps (total)
  • 60     Alternating V-Ups (total)
  • 50     Full Burpees
  • 40     Mt. Climbers ea. side
  • 30     Hip Heists (total)
  • 20     Broad Jumps
  • 10     Plank Jumps

Chase It!

Ben Boudro

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