How You Can Impact Your Kids

January 17th, 2015

It was a Saturday and I finally had some time to relax. My friend and ex intern Dillon and I decided to head out in the 20 below weather to catch some fish. Might have been a beer or two involved… 🙂

I come home and say hi to my wife.

“How’s your day?” She asks..

Before I even get a word out..

SLAM!  She slaps not 1 but 2 pregnancy tests on the table.

Another SLAM!

The second slam was my body hitting the ground. I literally passed out.

Never in my life have I felt so much excitement, nervousness and pure joy at the same time.

I’m 27 and I’m nowhere near ready to be a dad. There is nothing in life that can prepare you for fatherhood, but each day I’m doing everything I can to get ready.

This responsibility really put things into perspective for me.

I can talk about this for hours and hours, but I want to highlight something for you parents.

How you working out impacts your kids.

Right away I know what you are thinking……. Uhh there is a lot more to parenting then working out you meat head!

I know that, but my job allows me to see something that you do not.

I get to see both kids training and parents training all in the same day. I get to see the true colors and both sides of the coin.

Here is what I have found.

Working our regularly and living a healthy lifestyle can have a HUGE impact on your kid’s life.

Here is how:

1) Hard Work

We preach and preach the importance of hard work to kids. Work ethic is something that is learned.

Kid’s learn by seeing and doing.

Think about it…. What do you think is going on in your kid’s mind when he or she watches you pick up a heavy weight with sweat pouring off of your head and your legs trembling. Your body is so tired and sore, but you find the courage to do one more set and get it done.

They are witnessing first hand what hard work is.

“Wow my mom/dad is a beast!”

Work ethic is something that is instilled in kids at a young age.  Exercise is a great opportunity for testing your work ethic. It highlights you in moments where the going is tough and you keep going.  Trust me. Your kids see you working hard and it rubs off on them.

The parents I see busting their butt during workouts are the parents with the kids who are also busting their butts during workouts. That work ethic learned during exercising spills over into life and voila! Hard work is instilled.

If you want to instill a strong work ethic with your kids and lead them to healthy lifestyle choices then working out regularly is a must for you.

2) Nutrition

I’ll be straight up with you.

If you eat like garbage your kids will eat like garbage. There is no way around it bucko.

Where else will your kids learn how to eat? Are they going to just teach themselves? No chance.

When they go to school they are going to rely on what they learned at home for nutrition. When they go off to college and live on their own they are going to rely on what they were taught growing up.

I wont lie to you. It pisses me off when parents eat fast food, chips, pop, and other junk in front of their kids. Not only are you ruining your body, but you are putting your kids on the path to do the same.

Parents who exercise regularly know the importance of good nutrition. If you eat like crap you will feel like crap during your workout and nobody wants that. Exercising regularly leads to you making way better food choices both at the gym and at home.

The same goes for the younger athletes. If they eat like crap before a game then they will play like crap during the game.

I see parents come in with no direction for nutrition in the beginning of their workout journeys.

By a month or so something finally clicks and parents learn that eating healthy makes a HUGE difference. They get it and live it.

What does that lead to?

Well, it leads to parents no longer stocking their pantries and fridge with junk food. Which then leads to kids no longer having the option to eat like crap.

After awhile they start to feel awesome during their games and boom! They learn how important nutrition is.

If you want to instill a solid nutritional foundation with your kids and lead them to healthy lifestyle choices then working out regularly is a must for you.

3) Time

I am a very very lucky guy.

I grew up with a dad who knew the difference between money and time.

He knew that time with me was way more important than buying me things and spending money. My dad always made time to be with me and my brothers. No matter what he found time. It was and still is awesome.

Think about this: Exercising adds time to your life!!!!!! That’s not a myth or something I just made up. It’s a true fact.

Why the hell would you not participate in something that can add time to your life?

Because you need to spend more time working to make more money for your kids?

Well guess what.. When we die we will not be remembered for how much money we made. We will be remembered for the impact and time we spent with our loved ones.

Joining a workout program adds time to your life.  Having more life means more time to spend with your kids. Not only time,b but energy!

Working out also provides you with more energy!

So you have a choice here: Should I start participating in something that will give me more time and energy that I can spend with my kids?

You make the choice.

The parents I see training at Xceleration have way more energy and can play with their kids. They made the right choice and it’s something I took note of.

Do I need to say more?

4) Lifestyle 

A parent who exercises regularly almost always lives with a healthy lifestyle.

Strong workouts lead to better nutrition, more energy and more healthy lifestyle choices. By living a healthy lifestyle you are teaching your kids the way.

Growing up I had parents who were always active. I had the parents who never let us sit inside on a nice day.

“Boys get outside”

I can still hear my mom saying that. In fact she still does that when we stay at her house.

We were never able to be couch potatoes. My parents ate right, worked out regularly, didn’t smoke, or make any poor lifestyle choices. That rubbed off on my oldest brother which lead to all of us following suit.

I see the same thing at my gym.

The kids who love working out and are successful have parents who love working out and are successful.

If you want your kids to grow up and live healthy lifestyles then you yourself need to join a workout program, eat right and make the healthier choices. Working out regularly is a must for you.

5) Mutual Respect

You know the feeling when you are doing a group workout or practicing with your team and you are just about to complete the toughest workout of your life?

That feeling of “wow this is tough as hell, but if this guy next to me can do it I can too?”

When it’s all over you look at that guy and think “man I got mad respect for him”

That is the feeling your kids get when they see you working out and taking care of your body.

Kids come to me all the time and tell me about their parents. “My dad works out all the time, he is crazy!”  or “My mom is a workout freak so I know how to push myself.”

It’s a mutual respect.

If you are in a workout program and your taking your nutrition seriously then your kids will respect you for it. Your relationship will be better.

Ask me or any of the coaches at Xceleration. We see it every day. The kids respect the hell out of their parents when they train in our classes. It’s cool to see.

If you want to have respect from your kids then a workout program is a must. I don’t care who you are.

So there you have it. There is parenting advice from a guy who isn’t even a parent yet..

In all seriousness I hope you guys realize the impact you have on your kids when you are taking care of yourselves.

Chase It!

Ben Boudro

Twitter: @Xcelspeed1

Facebook: Xceleration Sports LLC

Instagram: xcelerationsports 


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