5 Tips For The Best Summer Workout Program Of Your Life

Summer is here.

This is by far my favorite time of the year. The days are longer and the sunshine and nice weather just makes everything better.

It’s kind of weird how it works with training though.

In the winter there really isn’t much to do outside so everybody is inside training for either that summer body or for the upcoming sports season.

A trend I see often is that when summer hits all of that training goes out the window.

Have you been training more or less since the warm weather got here? Hmmmmmm

Don’t worry I sometimes do it to, but there is a fix.

Here are 5 things you can do this summer to have the best training regimen of your life. Let’s go!

1) Train Outside

Outdoor workout

I like this for 2 reasons.

1) Athletes tend to hold back while indoors. 

When it comes to sprints or agility drills you always have to worry about running into a wall inside. Outside you have no restrictions and can let loose!

2) Variety and fun 

You spend all winter cooped up inside training. Get out and get some Vitamin D and a tan while you train. Doing this will add a little spark in your energy. Plus if you are like me and live in Michigan the summer flys by! Before we know it we will be back outside shoveling snow.

2) Goals

School’s out. Look back at all of your sports seasons and ask yourself: Am I satisfied? (you better not be)

Now think of 5 goals you need to achieve before summer is over in order for you to have a better sports career.


Write them everywhere. Put them on your fridge, bedroom door, mirror, car or anywhere you will see them every single day.

Here are few examples to help you.

Get faster when making cuts on the field (Lower my 5-10-5 agility test time)

Be stronger when jumping for a ball (Increase my Vertical height by 5 inches)

You see what I’m saying now? Do that right now.

3) Write Out Your Entire Program Before You Start 

I’m telling you right now. If you do not write out a program for this summer and just try to wing it everytime you get to the gym it is not going to work.

There are so many things that can pull you away from workouts during the summer. Your friends will invite you out on the boat, you will have 4th of July parties or golfing, baseball, concerts etc… It’s tough to stay consistent.

Hire a professional to write you out a specific program that will get you to achieve your goals.

4) Get A Friend 

Not just any friend either. Get one that will push you to complete your summer program and one that will get you closer to your goals.

Quick Story:

I was a Junior in college at MSU. We lived right next to a pool that was jam packed every day with 100’s of college kids enjoying the freedom of college summers.

I had a surprise day off from working construction so I decided to partake in the pool party one day with a two of my teammates on the wrestling team. One of those teammates was an all american and the other had the potential to be one, but was not.

It was 2:30 and we had an optional practice at 3:00 that day. The all american wrestler said to me “yo we got practice man let’s go.” The “non” All American wrestler said back “Screw practice man stay here!”

Right at the moment I remember looking into that pool and just thinking “damn I want to stay here so bad!” I can just practice tomorrow.

My buddy grabbed me by the back of the neck and said it clearly:  “That’s why he will never be on top of the podium next year.”

Boom. That hit me. I went right to practice.

Had that friend not been there, I might still be at the pool. haha

When you have a friend that holds you accountable you are 100% more likely to succeed with your summer program.

Find one and make it a good one.

5) Own Your Program 

3 Things are needed for you to own your program:

  • Responsibility
  • Mastery
  • A “Why”

Responsibility: Once you have the program laid out for you (written by a professional) its now your turn to go through it. Pick your own weights, rack your own weights, pick the time you workout that day and punish yourself if you are late. In other words: Be Your Own Coach !

Mastery: When you are by yourself it is so easy to put a bunch of weight on the bar and squat it or bench it with sloppy form. Don’t be that guy. Pick an exercise that you are not good at yet. If you suck at back squats and your max is super low then train back squats until your max goes sky high!

Critique yourself and watch yourself until you can it with perfect form every rep. Mastery always makes you feel good and will drive you intrinsically to finish the program.

A Why: Distractions are going to be there and your program might be the hardest thing you ever do. Find a “why.” Remind yourself of your goals and why you even started this program and always use that to stay laser focused on your mission. Find your “why” and keep it.

Boom! There you go. You are almost set to have the best summer of training ever! What do you need to do now?

Get a program.

Email me here: ben.boudro@gmail.com and I will hook you up.

Do it today or it will never happen.

Chase It!

Ben Boudro

Twitter: @Xcelspeed1

Instagram: xcelerationsports

Facebook: Xceleration Sports LLC


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