What Your Workout is Missing

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Matt VanSumeren

“Hey, how long have you been doing Crossfit?”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that question in the gym. Now don’t start bashing me just yet, I’m not hating on Crossfit. I’m merely saying that just because I incorporate cleans, snatches, and split jerks in my routine shouldn’t associate me with Crossfit. The truth is that these Olympic lifts are more than likely missing from your plain old, vanilla routine and the reason you aren’t seeing the gains that you want.

So why should you incorporate these lifts into your routine?

Well if you’re an athlete, Olympic lifts might be the key to unlocking your inner Usain Bolt or Mike Trout. If you’re the traditional gym goer just looking at getting stronger in the core three exercise (bench, squat, deadlift), explosive lifts could help you break through plateaus. Trying to lose weight? These exercises are generally complexes…

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