5 Quick Tips For Building a Healthy Weight Loss Diet

What should I eat?

Can you write me up a nutrition program really quick?

I can’t tell you how often I hear these questions.

Don’t get me wrong I love writing nutrition programs! The only problem is that every person is different and the best nutrition programs are the one’s that are individualized for YOU.

With that being said, sometimes the best nutrition program for YOU to write a program that is designed for YOU!

Don’t worry It’s not rocket science. I am going to share with you the 5 steps I take towards writing all of my nutrition programs.

Follow these 5 steps

1) Determine the enemy.

You wouldn’t be interested in a new diet if you didn’t have any problems so cut the crap and let’s figure out what your eating that is holding you back.

Maybe its the 2 diet cokes you have every day, maybe its the pizza binge you take part of every weekend, the fast food you are so used to in the mornings……..whatever it is figure it out and eliminate it. You’re probably saying “how do I know what is bad for me?”

2 days. That’s all ya need.

Write down EVERYTHING you consume for 2 days and I guarantee you will find your enemy.

It’s so easy to do now with all of the apps and websites.

It will literally take you 20 minutes max so suck it up butter cup and do it. Here are some great websites and apps to get you started:

My Fitness Pal 

My Calorie Counter 

2) Make it  well rounded (Include ALL MACRONUTRIENTS. Fat is not bad, neither are carbs Ok muchacho?) 

It seems like the first thing people do when they write their program is to eliminate fats and carbs. Hold up homie!

What fats do:  Provide energy, cell functions, hormone control, transport nutrients

What carbs do: Provide energy, regulate the amount of sugar in bloodstream, provide bacteria for digestion, *****provide glycogen during “all out” exercises (come to Xceleration and find out what I’m talking about)

What Proteins do: Muscle building, recovery, build strong bones, increase immunity, balance pH levels, transport nutrients

See! We need ALL of these guys in our diet so don’t neglect em!

To get you started aim for something in this range:

Fats = 20-35% of daily calories

Proteins = 15-25% of daily calories

Carbs = 45-65% of your daily calories

3) Make it fairly uniform 

The fewer the variables the easier it is to control your diet.

No I am not saying that you should eat the same thing over and over. That would be so boring!  What I am saying is that you want to have some consistency.

At first you can mess around with different foods and find what works for you, but eventually you are going to want some uniformity in your diet.

Figure out what works and stick with it. Having consistency will ensure you the preferred amount of nutrients and you won’t drive yourself nuts with always wondering “what do I eat!”

4) Make it abide by the 90/10 principle

90% of what you eat should come from whole foods. The other 10% is yours to have fun with.

Why? Because we are fricken human and life is short. I want a beer once in awhile and yeah I have a sweet tooth. Chill bro.

If you are eating 90% of food that is healthy, from the earth or animals and is not processed then yeah you can splurge a little at Dairy Queen or have a few wings while watching the game.

Just 10% though! Let me repeat that 10%!!!!

Don’t get too crazy.

5) Supplement wisely, if your in doubt ask your doctor. 

My thoughts on supplements? No they are not absolutely necessary for you to be healthier.

But they do help A LOT of people get A LOT healthier in A LOT faster time.

Here is why I think that: When you spend your own money on products, you are way more likely to follow through with your program. It’s that simple.

Now I am not saying that supplements are the absolute answer because there is a lot more to it. I’m just saying that supplements are are great way to jump start your new healthy weight loss diet. It’s all about which ones you choose.

I warn you though, be careful of what supplements you choose. Supplements are definitely an industry where you get what you pay for. If you buy the cheapest low quality product you can find online or at GNC well don’t expect to have the high quality results.

My #1 source for supplements is Advocare.

Why? Simply because they are :

  • The most tested product on the market (only one that abides by informed choice)
  • The most used product line by professional and olympic athletes (Rich Froning, Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers)
  • Very effective for weight loss, muscle gain and all around health

I have used Advocare since my freshman year in college and I do not see that changing any time soon. I trust it and I know they work. Remember this is just my personal suggestion not a prescription….. ok dude?

For more on Advocare Click Here

So there you have it. Remember that these are just suggestions, not all

Remember the best kind of nutrition program is the program designed with YOU in mind.

Do these 5 steps, live healthy, work your butt off and always remember to

Chase It!

Ben Boudro


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