5 Movements To Get You Combat Ready

Are you combat ready?

Combat sports are by far my favorite kind of sports. They can be a team sport and individual. Regardless of how they are played, the best part of combat sports is that you are challenged as an individual just how tough you really are.

While it’s awesome being the one who is in control delivering some pain it absolutely sucks being the one receiving the pain. I have been on both ends my whole life. Growing up the youngest brother of four testosterone filled brothers I had no choice but to learn either how to run fast and hide or defend myself. I got good at both haha.

To help you get combat ready and be the one in control I have 5 movements you can do.

First things first, we have to warm up. To warm up you need to get the core temperature up and move your muscles through similar ranges of motion you will use in sports. A great way to accomplish this is done with the Lunge Matrix.

This should take you no more than 5 minutes to do. Now we are all set to work You ready?

1) Single Leg Battle Rope Slams 

How you do it:  Get out a battle rope and hook it to a wall, kettle bell or anything that will allow you do slam it with some rage.

  • With your knees bent go on one leg and begin snapping both hands as fast as you can
  • Count em out. Slam the ropes 5, 10 or 15 times whichever one you feel works better
  • On the 10th slam perform a full burped and make sure you hit your chest to the ground
  • Pop back up as quick as you can standing on the opposite leg
  • Repeat as many times as you can

Beginners: 3 Rounds of :15 seconds

Tough Guys: 3 Rounds of :30 seconds

Xceleration Tough: 4 Rounds X :40sec, :30sec, 20sec, 10 sec with :15 seconds in between

What it works:  Your entire body! Grip, core, hips and the ATP-Pcr energy system.

If you are staying in a  good solid position with moving your limbs as fast as possible your whole body will be screaming! This drill will teach you to stay in your athletic “stance” and promote tons of lean muscle mass while developing the proper energy system.

2) Rope Chin Ups with Knee Tuck 

How you do it:  Get two towels, rags, ropes..whatever you got that will work your grip.

  • Tie the ropes over a pull up bar and you are set to go. Perform good full range chin ups (go all the way down bro!)
  • At the bottom of each rep stay put and perform a  hanging knee tuck
  • Perform another chin up
  • Repeat

Beginners: 3 sets of 5 Reps Tough Guys: 4 sets of 8 Reps or Xceleration Tough: 4 sets til failure!

What it works:  Your pulling muscles and grip!

The added element of ropes rather than a regular pull up bar forces you to use all of forearm muscles and absolutely roast your grip. Coupled with the chin up and knee tuck you will be seriously developing your lats, biceps, traps, rear delts and your abs.

3) Manual Resistance Neck 

How you do it:  Get a partner and some towels or rags and your set to go. Rather than read, just check out the video. Just remember that this is not a time to be a tough guy. Relax your traps and shoulders and let your neck muscles do the work. Go slow homie.

What it works:  The front, back and side muscles of the neck.

This one is pretty special to me. Concussions prevented me from wrestling ever again. Not an easy thing to swallow being that I have been wrestling since age 4. Every combat sport involves some type of jarring of the head and neck.Too much of that can lead to some pretty bad concussions. By having a strong and stable neck you are not only preventing a lot of injuries, but your also setting yourself for a huge advantage in any combat sport!

Big Neck Bros: Perform 1 set of 10 reps each way

4) Medicine Ball Slam to Reverse Toss 

How you do it:  Get a soft surface medicine ball. A dynamax, VTX or any brand that is made for slamming.

  • Start in a square athletic stance feet shoulder width apart, knees bent with the ball in your hands
  • Stand as tall as you can as fast as you can with the ball over your head
  • Bend your knees and snap the ball down to the ground as violently as you can
  • Staying low scoop the ball with both hands
  • Extend your hips as fast as you can and launch the ball behind you as far as you can
  • Jog to the ball and Repeat

What it works:  Hip flexion and extension.

Whenever you are tackling, picking up or taking down another object you are flexing and extending your hips. In combat sports, the faster you are able to do this the better your chances are for success. Beginners: (10 pound ball) Perform 3 Sets of 5 Reps Tough Guys: 3 sets of 10 reps Xceleration Tough: Perform as many rounds as possible in 2 minutes

5) Newspaper Crunch and Iso Dumbbell Hold 

How you do it:  Get a heavy dumbbell and a stack of newspaper and your set.

  • Standing tall hold the heavy dumbbell in one hand
  • With your other hand grab a single piece of newspaper and extend your arm over your head
  • Crinkle 10 pieces of newspaper as fast as you can with your free hand
  • Switch hands
  • Crinkle 10 more pieces of newspaper with your other hand
  • Repeat

What it works:  Grip and core stability.

By standing tall with one heavy dumbbell in your hand you are engaging a lot of core so that you can stand up straight. The crinkling of the newspaper forces all of the muscles in your forearm to activate and seriously develop your grip. Not to mention your hand should be pre-fatigued from holding that heavy dumbbell.

Beginners: 1 set of 10 pieces each hand

Tough Guys: 3 sets of 10 pieces each hand

Xceleration Tough: 5 sets of 10 pieces each hand WITHOUT dropping the heavy dumbbell

So there you have it. Practice these 5 exercises and you will be well on your way to becoming Combat Ready!

We do these and hundreds of other crazy, fun and cool exercises every day Xceleration.

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Chase It!

Ben Boudro

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