4 Awesome Agility Drills for All Athletes

Agility is so important for all athletes.

If you really take a look at how athletes move in most sports you will see that a majority of the time you are moving side to side, backwards or rotating before you are taking off into a straight on sprint.  We always train every athlete at Xceleration to be powerful and efficient when moving in all of those different directions.

A very quick and effective way we do that is with our 74″ power bands. Basically they are giant rubber bands. I love these things. If you have not tried one out yet then check out this blog as I show you 3 awesome ways to use them. Each drill gets your legs burning instantly and it’s a great way to teach you to stay in an athletic position when chaining directions.

Alright let’s break it down:

Drill # 1 Band Assisted/Resisted Shuffle

This is probably the most basic drill we do with the bands. When doing this drill you want to make sure that you are driving a big force into the ground in a short amount of time.  Not only are you driving a big force, but you want to drive that force in the correct angle so that your body moves exactly where you want it to go.

How to do it: 

  • Have your partner line up perpendicular  to you with a solid base (knees bent, chest up.)
  • With you partner staying still, shuffle against the band straight out until you feel a good resistance from the band.
  • Shuffle back in towards your partner fast with the band assisting. Repeat.

Key Points: 

Do not turn your feet out! Keep them straight.

photo 1 photo 2

Here is why: Your most likely never going to shuffle in one direction for a long period of time. Eventually you will have to change direction. It’s way faster and easier to change direction if your feet are ready to go. Plus, you can’t really drive a force with your feet turned out. Keep em straight!

Drill # 2 Resisted/Assisted Ladder Icky Shuffle Cone Touch

How to do it: 

  • Have your partner line up perpendicular to you with just a little bit of resistance on the band
  • This time your partner moves with you as you perform the icky shuffle inside the ladder
  • The partner will yell “go”
  • After you hear “go” immediately shuffle 5 yards out to a cone
  • Come back to the ladder and pick back up on the icky shuffle where you left off

Key Points: 

Stay low!

When you’re doing the icky shuffle you have to keep your center of gravity (your hips) low to the ground. This will keep you in a good position to not only move your feet, but to also be ready for external forces moving you. Think of a being a running back and punching through the hole. You have to stay low to take those hits and move your feet effectively.

Drill # 3 Power Step Turn and Run

How to do it: 

  • Have you partner face you with a little bit of slack in the band
  • The partner will yell “go” and point either right or left
  • Staying low, plant your drive leg into the ground and open your hip in the direction your partner gave you
  • Turn and run until you have felt a strong resistance
  • Come back in the ready position

Key Points:

Don’t just turn and run.

This is a great drill for any defensive position. Let’s say your partner yells “go right”. Make sure you plant your left foot hard into the ground driving you back giving you some space to open up your hips for a powerful step. Also make sure to keep you shoulder height low. Never stand straight up

Drill #4 Battle Rope Slams with Resisted Shuffle

How to do it:

  • Get a battle rope and set up two cones; One cone 10 yards to your right, one cone 10 yards to your left
  • Begin slamming the rope up and down as fast as you can in a good athletic stance
  • With your partner resisting you, shuffle 10 yards right and 10 yards left keeping the rhythm with your hands

Key Points:

Keep your rhythm.

The ability to move your upper body in one direction while simultaneously moving your legs in a different direction is a very crucial part of being an athlete. The more efficient and powerful you can do this, the better athlete you will be.

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